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The Puget Sound Airship Society (PSAS) is open to all those who support our mission.

If you have a love and enthusiasm for airships, we encourage you to join with us in our efforts. Success comes from having a diversity of talent and a unity of purpose.

If you have skills, resources, or ideas that will help us in our mission, we need you!


Here are just a sampling of the nifty things you'll get when you join!

  • You're on the list! One of our goals is the introduction of commerical passenger airship service in the Pacific Northwest. In the event we have any say in the matter whatsoever, we will strive to put our members on the passenger list first.
  • A keeen pin! Amaze your friends! Irritate your enemies! Be the first on your block with our membership pin. It looks a whole lot like our logo (and, for that matter, amazingly like the pins available in our regular CaféPress shop), but it says "Member" in big friendly red letters.
  • Subscription to our semi-occasional newsletter Puget Sound Aeronaut. Keep abreast of the latest (more or less) happenings in the airship world. Delivered as a PDF.
  • Special offers! Other keen items will be offered exclusively to members as they occur to us.

How to Join

Membership is free! (Well, except that you'll have to actually pay for the pin.) To register your membership, just send us a note indicating your name, address, and e-mail address.

We'll send you the super-secret location of our exclusive membership cafepress shop and add your name to the membership roll.

Now get out there and start promoting airships!

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